2016-02-17 17:59:23 by Necrosquelch

I'm trying out a new painting technique, but GOD.

Art's hard, man.


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2016-02-17 20:32:56

Art takes patience like a growing plant.

Necrosquelch responds:

This is true, but I'm an impatient bitch.

Real talk, though, I'm aware that it takes time but it can get a bit disheartening to see people that are so far ahead in skill.


2016-02-18 08:41:55

I do the same thing too and you are right,I envy their skill too.Everyone has to start from somewhere and they too must have felt the same as you but think about it,what makes us so envious of their work?It's their hard working attitude.So if you keep it up with your practice,you'll get there!It's not easy but if you take small steps,you'll get the big picture(heh,pun).

Necrosquelch responds:

I'd use the word admire instead of envy, but I hear ya.