Motherfucking Furries

2016-02-18 13:57:34 by Necrosquelch

Few things piss me off more than furries who complain about "anatomical correctness"



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2016-02-18 22:43:38

I know, right. Anatomical correctness is for real life, not cartoons.

Necrosquelch responds:

What's an even bigger kick to the nuts was that he was bitching about Boone, a bovine, not having an equine dick.

First off, every character I make doesn't have to be a size diva. Secondly, why should I change my character to cater to what you like? Finally, you should at least be educated on supposed anatomical correctness before you bitch at me for it.


2016-02-19 07:09:49

So, these furries are bitching about matters they know little about? What a shitload of fuck.

Necrosquelch responds:

It's funny, I have such a love/hate relationship with the fandom.

On one hand I've found some amazing artists, met some of my closest friends, and found a crowd of my own through it.

On the other hand, 2 days ago some dude found my skype and immediately got all murry purry and was trying to get some digital dick without so much as a proper greeting.

I wouldn't say that the people who are unable to function as normal human beings make up the majority of the fandom, but there's enough of them that I can't blame anybody for hating the fandom, and frankly I'll join them when they're picketing their dumb bullshit.


2016-02-19 10:52:30

You know what, though? Almost every fandom has its shitty side. The Sonic fandom is notorious for maniacal fanboys. And there is such division within. The classicists are the worst group. They are quick to talk shit about the newest Sonic game without even playing it. What they fail to realize (or at least admit) is that some of the classic Sonic games were shittier than some of the newer titles. Ever tried Sonic Drift? I can't say it's any better than Sonic Boom.

Necrosquelch responds:

I just looked it up on youtube and I'm screaming


2016-02-19 12:26:00

I can imagine you know how I feel. I'm one of the sensible, normal people in a rabid, divided fandom.

Necrosquelch responds:

Yeah, I feel ya