Entry #9

Pen and Paper

2016-03-03 13:52:27 by Necrosquelch

Hoo, boy.

So after what's been literal years it's time to go back to good ol' pen and paper. Once again, even though I'm improving at a nice rate already, I'm fully aware that I'm not improving as quickly as I could if I was being serious about practicing. Furthermore, I'm able to draw as good as I am digitally but barely know where to start with pencil and paper which just feels gross to me. I feel limited being restrained to a single medium I've gotten comfortable with. So today marks a special day for myself, I suppose. Hopefully what comes of it will please you all. , v ,


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2016-03-03 20:09:31

Nothing wrong with sticking to one medium. Digital mediums are the medium of choice for pofessional illustrators, traditional mediums are the medium of choice for classical artists.

Necrosquelch responds:

I realize that, but it doesn't change the fact that it makes me feel gross. Plus when I'm away from the computer I'd like to be able to draw at least somewhat well on paper.


2016-03-03 20:41:57

Why would you ever willingly be away from the computer? :)

Necrosquelch responds:

Because I have obligations.